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Fire, light and tools are the most important
discoveries in the history of humankind.
Light opened up a world for the homo
sapiens that had been almost totally
closed to them before: the world of night.
Due to the microelectronic revolution,
the world of light is on the move. Light
sources based on semiconductor
technology are gaining ground.

Edison’s lamps will soon be exhibits in
museums of industrial history. LEDs
(Light Emitting Diodes) save energy and
reduce CO2 emissions - a benefit to our
overheated planet. The new generation
of lamps that we have developed will
revolutionise night photography. Our
new lamps, particularly the X21, allow
you to take photographs outdoors that
up to now were scarcely possible, even
with generators and heavy HDI lamps.
The lamps are handy, lightweight and
were barely noticeable in our backpacks
as we undertook breathtaking climbing
tours in Zion National Park (Utah), in
Death Valley, California, or in the
Yangchun Yuxi Three Caves cave system.
All of the photographs in this website are
original photos, taken in those hours in
which the night expands its stillness
and the stars are the most beautiful.
Special thanks go to the photographer
Annabelle Schleder. With her Canon and
Nikon cameras, she was able to capture
views on film - sometimes from dizzying
heights - that may well have never been
seen before.

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